Programas interactivos

Programas interactivos


Do you know in which season soya beans are harvested? Do you know what the phase that follows pear flowering is called? Do you know at which time of the year isorghum is sown? Get yourself tested with our quiz: 5 different topics, including many questions aimed at discovering the agricultural world together with Palazzo Minelli.

Wheat trailer

A three-dimensional video for you to dive into the growing process of the wheat: from the first phases of sowing up to the final product, with a particular sight over the cultivation operations and the phenological phases which allow for the growth of the cereal.

Honey Trailer

You’re welcome to come and explore the world of bees: let’s dive into a  buzzy hive and its swarm. You will discover how an expert beekeeper takes care of his apiary and produces our delicious honey every year, by respecting the bees responsible for its production. 

Pears Trailer

Through this video you can enjoy a three-dimensional experience which will lead you through all the phases of a pear, from the bud to the harvesting. You will experience an entire cycle, condensed in a few minutes, which allows you to understand how every year a pear cultivation produces its fruits.